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Don't Quit Your Dream!

So I saw this t-shirt and it sooo resonated with me. Life is an ebb and flow. And there are times when you simply go with the flow and it works wonderfully because the flow is simply meandering. Then sometimes the flow gets a little rough and it throws you out into the ocean and you struggle because you are out there without a raft, life jacket or plan of how to navigate these rough seas. It is on those days that we can lose our way and lose sight of our visions and goals.

Don't Quit your Day Dreams Tshirt
Don't Quit Your Dream

I know exactly how this feels. Life is complicated! We are all just trying to do our best and navigate through life successfully. Each of us define that success differently. But as we try to navigate jobs, families, and relationships, it can get complicated and we can lose track of our North Star. It becomes easier to focus on the small day to day wins versus waiting for the longshot payout that we are not certain of. As children we dream big impossible dreams. Then as we get older we get told to stop dreaming and focus on reality. Worst advice ever! It is dreams that are the lifeblood of the goals that we will set. Without a dream, there is no goal, there is no achievement. So focus on the dream and EVERY day take one action to make the goal a reality so that the dream is achievable. So as I was rushing to make my Amazon return, I see this shirt and it halts me in my tracks! Because right there in KOHLS, I am presented with a lightbulb moment. No matter where you are, always keep the dream alive, because your dream is what keeps you always moving forward. I am a living testimony to this. 2019 was a year of stasis. But in the summer I was reminded to NOT QUIT MY DREAM. I was reminded that every day you do nothing is a day wasted - A day when you have not fulfilled your destiny The minute I made the decision to stop waiting and to take action, the dream took on a life of its own. People and opportunities began appearing in EXACTLY the right sequence. It was all the puzzle pieces coming together to create the actualization of my dream. The closer you get to realization of something you really want, is precisely the time when when fear takes over. So as I was walking through KOHLS and saw this, I had to stop and acknowledge when the Universe sends you messages to help keep you encouraged. So do whatever you need to keep the dream alive. Below are things that help you do this! * Vision Boards * Affirmations * Accountability partners * Mindfulness awareness DO NOT QUIT YOUR DREAM. Remember realizing your dreams and making them a reality is key to living your truth and the ultimate in #selflove; because you realize, acknowledge and are actively working towards being your best self!

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