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Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

So my name is Suzanne Elizabeth Morrison-Williams.  I was born in Jamaica and then moved to the United States to attend College.  My journey to becoming a Business and Life coach has been an interesting one.  After completing degrees in Public Relations and Public Administration, I would then spend the next few years pursuing a number of job paths because none were careers.  However in each of those jobs (Administrative Assistant, Web Developer, Wedding Planner, Marketing Assistant, and Sales Representative), I would learn coaching lessons that would become the building blocks of what I do today.

When I landed in education, I finally found my calling.  I would learn all facets of education, beginning in administration as a Registrar, to becoming a faculty member, then a Department Chair, an Assistant Dean, an Associate Dean and then finally a Regional Vice President.  In each of those roles, I learned skills as a follower, manager, leader and mentor. I learned how to empower people. I would then pursue a doctoral degree to understand the science behind what I’d been doing for almost ten years.

During my doctoral degree I focused heavily on mentorship and the advantages of mentorship for helping to achieve both individual and organizational goals, especially for women.  I was also undergoing my own personal self improvement and learning journey.  Tipping the scales at 342 pounds, I opted to undergo gastric bypass and would shed some 170 pounds in a year.  Within a year of that I began mentoring other women through their weight loss journey helping them understand that this was not just a physical journey, it was also an emotional and psychological one which required introspection, goal setting and being accountable to yourself. The ultimate aim is sucess.

I felt that being a parent helped to round out my mentorship and growth journey. My son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at two and his Dad and I had to create a path to help him develop as normally as possible and be the best version of himself he could be.  That meant learning to put myself second and focus on what was best for him and not my own fears and insecurities.  He turned 17 in January of 2020 and is a very confident, intelligent young man who excels in sports, academics and is a testimony to his own belief in his abilities.

All of these disparate work and personal experiences have allowed me to see things very holistically and given me an ability to help others break through barriers and see things in new and different perspectives.  My personal philosophy is to always focus on the positive and the possibilities; to look for new ways to do things so that we can get better outcomes, whether this is for an organization, a group or an individual.

I am a product of all of my life’s experiences on my journey and all the people and groups who have I’ve come in contact with.  My goal is to keep #payingitforward and to share what I’ve learned with others so that others can #Livetheirbestlives by always focusing on 3 basic questions:

  1. Where are you now?

  2. Where do you want to be?

  3. Is your current course of action taking you there?

These 3 questions provide the framework of ANY coaching which I do and have allowed me to help resolve both personal and organizational concerns.

I look forward to helping you answer these three questions to help YOU and/or your ORGANIZATION get to your goals.

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