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Group Coaching for establishing Personal and/or Organizational Vision, Mission, Goals and Action Items.

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Enhance Organizational Culture and Efficency

Dr Sue works with groups within organizations to help shift the culture of an organization through management and leadership coaching wherein participants learn how to understand the human dynamic and how that drives interaction within an organization.  Some areas include:

  1. Generational differences

  2. Diversity and Inclusion

  3. Women’s Empowerment

  4. Youth Empowerment

  5. Emotional Intelligence

nd start taking control of your life with my coaching tools and techniques.

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Creating enhanced organizational outcomes aligned to mission, vision and values

Dr Sue focuses on helping participants learn, develop and enhance the traits and behaviors that create successful leaders within an organization

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Build Confidence and enhance natural abilities for personal and business success

Understanding the unique challenges which women face, Dr Sue’s coaching illustrates tools, techniques and behaviors which will lead women to successful outcomes in organizational leadership, entrepreneurship.  Confidence coaching and overcoming Imposter Syndrome are built into this coaching strategy.

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